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Professional Gutter Filter / Gutter Brush - Gutter Mole

Professional Gutter Filter / Gutter Brush - Gutter Mole

Our Price: £18.00 £21.60 (EXC VAT)
Product Description
MP Plastics Latest exciting Product
The GutterMole helps keep out leaves, twigs, pine needles and other debris, from actually gathering and collecting in your gutters and drains. The brushes last indefinitely and are the easiest filter to use, the most efficient and most cost-effective Gutter filter you can buy. The GutterMole is very easy to use, they do not need replacing, they are lightweight, are non-toxic, and cost less than any other filter system. It comes in 4 Inch and 6 inch Diameters, and is 4 metres long.

The GutterMole filter guards against blocked gutters. Durable polypropylene bristle filters are densely wound around a twisted Stainless Steel spine to guard the gutter from twigs,
leaves, debris and bird nest contamination.

The GutterMole is quick and easy to install.

Simply slide in the filter. No need to drill or fix. The bottle brush like guard bends easily around corners and under rooflines,
keeping gutters clear and water flowing freely. Our Products are all made 100% within the UK.